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Update: Please ignore the above. It’s an autogenerated post by Google’s Blogger software. Because of changes to Blogger’s service I’m migrating the whole blog to WordPress, but WordPress’s import tool only works from Blogspot blogs, so I needed to make a copy there first. Sad face.

The most current version of this blog is, and will remain, at

2 thoughts on “This blog has moved

  1. oops! After reviewing the latest entries of this blog, I realized that our wondrous blogger here is just one of a gadjillion other bloggers out there who are blogging to make great big $$$$$$$. Ya’ll ain’t gonna learn shite from hyar. Oh, but hey!!! click on the varied links this persons blog and y’all will make him or her a rich poysun.
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  2. Er… I’m sorry I don’t meet your standards. I’m not sure quite how you think I’m making any money off this site. If I was I might put a bit more effort in.

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