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It’s a little untidy round here

Forced into exile by the closure of Blogger’s FTP service, I’ve switched this site over to running on WordPress. It’s something I’d meant to do for years, but the shove from Google has finally given me a reason. It also means everything’s a bit broken right now. I had a beta that was just about operational, but I broke the database in a sever move, and lost a nice little introductory post.

I’ve backed up all my old content, so hopefully I can import all that shortly and, with luck, make sure I’ve not broken any inbound links. Not that there are any inbound links, of course. There’s a nice WordPress feature that shows inbound links on the dashboard. I had one in 2004, apparently. But consistency’s a nice idea.

For now though, there’s the Steam Mac Beta. Maybe I’ll have something to say about it tomorrow.