OK, this’ll be exciting. I’ve just been fiddling with the blogger template, and I’ve changed a whole load of stuff that I didn’t really understand. If all goes to plan then when I publish this entry the links to the amd faq pages should be back, linking to a more recent version of the faq (though possibly not the most recent version I’ve posted to the newsgroup, I’ll deal with that later); all style should be gone from the site, with just h2 headers dividing up the content and navigation; the menu systems should be consistently imported across the site via SSI and the entire site should validate as XHTML 1.0 Strict. This way I can write some style sheets later and play with the design of the site forever without touching the content again. Or at least until I get board with this and move to another blogging platform.

In other news today Dan Barnett says that Andrew and the Andrews is an early version of me. Perhaps that’s like James version 1.0. Or looking at the site it’s probably nearer 3.2. More likely it’s an old web site that I made years ago, and not actually me at all.

Also, I went into town with a friend this-afternoon with the vague intention of telling her a little about the fantastic things that have been happening over the last few days and some of the ideas I have about praying for Bradford. She ended up praying for me on a bench outside the law court, and the Holy Spirit was there in a way that I’ve not really experienced before. Being on your knees before God right in the middle of town is quite an unusual feeling, but it’s totally amazing in ways I can’t even begin to explain, and won’t try to here and now.

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