I’ve got all kinds of exciting plans for this site. The idea is that I use it as a kind of on-line prayer diary and post prayers and prayer requests for the city of Bradford and life therein. I’m not really organised enough to have thought this through properly though, so today all I have is a prayer request for the SPEAK stall at Glastonbury. We need electricity, and this means finding a generator from somewhere with solar panels or a wind turbine or something.

I’ve completely failed to make any update to the SSI, the broken links or the style of this site. This is because of the many other things I mentioned having to do, including looking into electricity for SPEAK. The main event of today was the final year do down in the student union Basement. I wish that I was a poet so that maybe I could describe this properly. Or at least that I could write vaguely lucid prose. It was a great event, and all those who organised it deserve much credit.

So, thanks to God for probably the most productive day I’ve had in a long while. Senate was even interesting, possibly exciting. There’s a peculiar thrill to knowing that you’ve just been told something no-one else knows. I think I’m going to struggle when it comes to being tactful with information.

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