So, I’m fiddling with the style sheets and I can’t work out why nothing’s changing. It turns out I’ve forgotten to link to them in my template. It’s fixed now, and as a result you should see the navigation links now appearing on the right side of the screen. According to Jakob Nielsen in Homepage Usability it’s standard (and therefore better) to place navigation bars on the left hand side. A quick survey of a few blogs I read reveals that most of them have their navigation on the right. I think it’s mainly down to fashion, and I’ve decided I like the right better.

James Preece runs a blog which Dan recommended to me. Today he has blogged a news story about compulsory Belgian euthanasia which seems to me to rather defeat the point of having a faith based hospital. Obviously the NHS means that this situation could not really currently occur in this country, but I went to a Catholic school of which Catholic values were an integral part. Or, at least, at which RE GCSE was compulsory. If I choose to send my kids to faith based school it will be because I want them in a Christ-centred environment, if I didn’t want that I’d send them elsewhere. I don’t pretend to be an expert on the Belgian heath-care system, but it does seem rather odd.

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