28 Days Later

On 8th January, along with many other people, I wrote to my MP asking where he stood on the issue of electoral reform. That was 28 days ago.

Dear Marsha Singh,

As you may have seen from my letter in Thursday’s Telegraph and Argus, I am very disappointed that the first of Bradford’s MPs to announce his stance in May’s referendum on improving the voting system came down against the Alternative Vote.

The Alternative Vote would be the first major improvement to British Democracy since the franchise was extended to 18 year olds 42 years ago. The requirement that MPs be elected on an actual majority would give you the right to claim a true mandate for your position. I’m sure you can see, as I can, the benefits of such a system.

As one of your constituents, I’d like to know which side of the debate you are on. Could you please go to http://yestofairervotes.org/ and tell us where you stand.

Many thanks in advance.

The requirement for MPs to be elected with 50% of the vote, introduced as part of the proposed change to AV, would make it easier for the electorate to unseat MPs who don’t listen to them.

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