Sutcliffe’s Shame

Woo. The Telegraph and Argus published my letter:

Last week, while most of us were enjoying the Christmas break, No to AV named and shamed 114 Labour MPs intending to vote for the status quo in May’s referendum on the Alternative Vote.

Sadly, but not surprisingly, Bradford’s Gerry Sutcliffe was amongst them. Unsurprising because, at the last election, nearly a full 60% of voters in Bradford South voted against him. The Alternative Vote would make this kind of minority victory impossible, requiring MPs to gain the support of half the electorate.

Of course, Mr. Sutcliffe is not alone. Not one of Bradford’s five MPs obtained a majority last May. Hopefully the others will not share his disdain for democracy.

Thankfully, it’s not up to any of them whether Britain adopts the fairer system. At the referendum on May 5th everyone in the country will get their say. The Alternative Vote will mean an end to MPs’ jobs for life, and an end to tactical voting, giving us freedom to vote with our hearts as well as our heads.

I hope the people of Bradford will join me in voting for a change that lets us tell the politicians what we really think.

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