I finished reading Stephen Sizer’s book. To call it alarming would be something of an understatement. I was left with a profound feeling of anger at the horrifying manner in which Christianity is being corrupted, and faithful people being led astray by this teaching. Amongst many things Sizer brings into plain light are the justification of ethnic cleansing in the name of Christianity and attempts by so called Christians to reinstitute the sacrificial system, thus denying the very death of Christ. Most alarming, perhaps is the scale of this movement. These are not a few weirdos, but rather big name influential Christian speakers. As Sizer says in his conclusion conservative estimates would suggest that the Christian Zionist movement is at least ten times larger than the Jewish Zionist movement and has become a dominant lobby within contemporary American politics.

The statement Challenging Christian Zionism is included as an appendix to the book and, while I know very little of the political situation, defiantly seems worth a read.

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