I’ve been reading quite a few exciting books just recently. The last, Pete Greig’s The Vision and the Vow, I felt an immediate urge to buy for everyone I know. It contained so many passages I’d love to be able to quote in huge blocks right now. That, however, is not really the point of this post.

The point of this post (aside from making sure I don’t go an entire month without posting) is to explain the link on the left to the book I’m currently reading. That book is Christian Zionism by Stephen Sizer. If you click the link you will notice that it takes you to the publisher’s web site rather than the usual Amazon.co.uk page. As far as I can make out it’s not presently listed on Amazon. If I were conspiratorially minded, I’d be suspicious. The page I’m linking to is from the inside of a frameset, so you may find that if you want to buy a copy (and you should) you have to go to the IVP Books homepage and navigate from there. A search for Christian Zionism should do it.

The book paints a frightening picture of the way in which the evangelical church has been hijacked for an extreme pro-Zionist agenda based on questionable eschatology and a distorted image of God. Whilst a lot of what is discussed has been limited to the United States, it’s plain to see the increasing influence of end-times teaching in the political actions of the British church. Anyone with even a passing interest in eschatology or the signs of the times (and I’m pretty sure every Christian will encounter those at some point) should read this book.

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