Richard Kirkcaldy has posted a list of some recent search strings that found his site. I’ve never paid that much attention to that section of my stats (almost everyone who finds me through a search engine comes by way of the amd FAQ), but he inspired me to take a look. Apparently someone found me this week by typing in belle and sebastian jesus Christians. I assume this cropped up because of my post on 29th December, though I’m quite surprised that was enough to actually get me found.

Still, feeling curious, I went and entered that phrase into Google. I did turn up, but about three pages down. Half way down the first page of results was Stuart Murdoch’s diary on the official Belle and Sebastian web site (basically a blog, of sorts). The entries from around Christmas and New Year give about as good an answer to my questions as I guess one could hope for. So, thank you, whoever made that search, and I hope you found it too.

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