I heard a talk at a SPEAK event once on the phases though which the modern church has passed, and into which it needs to pass in order to be effective. I don’t remember anything that was said, except for that one of the phases was characterised by large scale worship events. Now, large events, such as last night’s Prayer for Bradford Prayer and Praise meeting at Bradford Cathedral, are all very well, but there is one major problem. When the event ends the crowds disperse, and head back into the world, and to their home churches. Everyone is fired up, and wants some way of putting their faith into action. This, also, is great. The problem is that as a church we have forgotten what it means to live by faith. No-one knows how to put their faith into action. I’m praying now that God will continue to use me for something dramatic. The worst thing I could imagine, after this week, would be that I slip back into a routine whereby it is not faith that I live by.

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