Last night I was trying to make some upgrades to my computer, but I ran into a few problems and until I can get hold of some extras my reinstall is going to have to wait.

Somehow the chain of links I was following about replacement power supplies led me to 101 Ways to Save the Internet. I’ve not been following the American election primaries, so I’d never heard of Howard Dean (mentioned in number 70) before. Apparently the nature of his campaign has made him very popular with bloggers. I’m not about to take any kind of position regarding him, as I’ve read only enough to know that I disagree with him on several issues I consider quite important.

What was more interesting was an article by Jim Wallis that I came across when I followed a link about why Dean is the only candidate Christians should vote for. The article, Dangerous Religion, discusses George W. Bush’s belief that he is on a mission from God, and how he appears to have confused Christ with America. Some of the quotes cited in this article (particularly the one from Bush’s speech on September 11th 2002) should be exceedingly worrying to any Christian, and Wallis’ assertion that they could be considered blasphemous seems something of an understatement.

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