24-7 is now well under way. I came home the best part of two hours ago. I was going to stay a bit longer, but someone offered me a lift home and the whole night was covered, so I figured that this way I can go back earlier in the morning and still get stuff done tomorrow. I was going to update with some informational stuff about it in the morning, but I’ve got to tell the world how great it is now (I know only about three of you are reading, but I’ll tell you). If you want to go in at all, it’s at the North Wing Building on North Wing. The building’s not very obvious but it’s only a short road. Turn up on the hour and someone should be there to let you in. They might want to know your name and church before they let you into the building.

It’s Amazing. Unbelievable. God is fantastic! And I know that’s obvious. So often I’m still unprepared for just how amazing, but not as unprepared as I was this evening. I’m blown away by everything: God’s provision, His ability to follow through His plan, the amazing transformation of the building since last week, the people he’s used, the number of people who were there, even the way walking there seemed so much safer and totally protected just because of the blanket of pure beautiful white God had laid over Bradford.

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