Belle & Sebastian. I got Dear Catastrophe Waitress for Christmas (along with World Service by Delirious and () by Sigur Rós). I never quite understand where they stand, theologically speaking. I’ve had some interesting discussions recently around the subject of music, and the power it has over the human mind. I understand that Belle and Sebastian have in the past done something at Greenbelt. I’m not altogether sure what. From what I understand it certainly wasn’t a whole-band performance.

Now, playing at Greenbelt (in whatever manner you do so) doesn’t in any way make you a Christian, but it could be argued that lyrics like If you find yourself caught in love, Say a prayer to the man above, You should thank him for every day you pass do. The thing is that I can never help the feeling that Belle and Sebastian are in some way being ironic. I never feel that they are singing words like that with a genuine heart for the Lord. So the question is: are they singing what they mean, and if not, should I be listening?

I was just testing the links I was going to use for this post, and visited the Greenbelt website. I discovered that Mike Yaconelli was killed in a car accedent back in October. I know I’m somewhat late with this news, but it’s no less a tragedy for the delay.

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