OK, so I went to visit the venue for 24-7 on Tuesday. I confess I had difficulty visualising it at first, but we could not have hoped for a better location. We’ll be using a vast early 20th century mission hall on North Wing. The painted facade and the barbed wire on the roof rather give it the look of a dilapidated warehouse, but once you step inside the hints of church building are everywhere. It’s being converted into some kind of Christian education/arts project. I’m not sure I really understood, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of opportunity to find out about that once the praying gets underway.

The view over the city is amazing. It’s only from one small window, away from the main room but there will be some kind of signage as to how to get there. I’m having ideas for a walkway made of draped fabric, but I probably won’t be there for the setting up on Monday. I was also planning to put on line a list of churches that are covering time, so people would know who to contact to book a slot, but I’ve done something really stupid and I don’t know if the details have been e-mailed to me.

Having told everyone to contact me on my address at this domain rather than my work address over the holiday, I’d come home leaving Outlook running on the house server. Now all my personal e-mail is being downloaded every five minutes to a location 250 miles away, whilst I can access my work account just fine over the web. I downloaded the Remote Desktop Client for my parents’ computer but it seems that, in some rare moment of security consciousness, I disabled the facility to connect to the server.

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