Who ever would have thought that operating a candy-floss machine would be so difficult? It’s clearly a job for a trained professional. Last night was the Bras on Bars FND for breast cancer awareness, so the idea was that candy-floss would go quite well with the pink theme. Ours didn’t come out very pink at all, though we were kind of saved by the pink light. There’s definitely a skill in catching the stuff on the stick, and not on one’s arm, hair, beard and nearby walls.

Still more exciting things that that happened yesterday, though; I was at a meeting in the morning with youth leaders from all over Bradford. The meeting normally happens every two weeks, which is pretty cool in itself but the agenda for this particular one was a week of 24-7 prayer in January. The idea is that all the churches in Bradford come together for a week of continuous prayer as a start for the New Year. It’s so exciting seeing this come together, as it’s just showing how we only need to do so little and God will make great things happen. This in itself is an answer to prayer, and a total witness to God’s power, but just thinking about what could happen if it goes well is a bit much to cope with.

I’ve also just come back from the SPEAK Northern Forum, which was very good, and I feel a renewed inspiration because of it, but I’ll talk about that more later. I don’t want to overshadow the great news of ecumenical 24-7.

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