I’ve had an e-mail from a friend pointing me to http://www.freepalestine.com/ and suggesting that I link to the site as a follow up to my post of August 21st. I didn’t have that issue in mind specifically at the time, but it’s certainly relevant to the passage.

We’ve spent today interviewing for a new General Manager for UBU and, unlike last time, have actually found someone we want to appoint. I’m praying he accepts the job, ’cause I’m not sure I could face going through the whole procedure again. Big thanks are due to my church, who very kindly lent us a data projector for the day at extremely short notice; after I’m sure I phoned half the university looking for one.

Oh, and bad news for those that care, and don’t already know. I’m impressed that this made the front page of BBC News Online.

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