Electoral Commission Confirms: No to AV Lying

Mark Nyack of the Electoral Commission responded to my letter about No to AV’s claim that adopting the Alternative Vote would require expensive electronic counting machines:

We are in favour of electoral modernisation and have recommended to government that new approaches such as electronic counting shout not be implemented until a thorough case has been made and implications considered.

That’s all well and good, but it didn’t quite rule out the possibility that I’d missed something. Maybe there was a reason I wasn’t aware of that the introductions of AV would change that recommendation?

I replied seeking confirmation that the above applied irrespective of the outcome of the referendum, to which Mark responded:

That is correct, irrespective of the outcome of the AV referendum.

So, AV can easily be counted without machines. The Electoral Commission are in favour of modernising the way we vote, but they’re not recommending any change to electronic counting at this time. The outcome of the AV referendum doesn’t change that.

Chalk it up as another No to AV lie then!

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