Valve sent me a press release!

My last post was rather gushing and over excited. But I guess I did something right, either in that, or in the e-mail I sent to Doug Lombardi begging him to confirm it, ’cause a press release just dropped in my inbox confirming Steam for the Mac.

Apparently, Valve will be introducing a new feature called Steam Play to the Steamworks API, which allows people to play games they own on one platform free of charge on the other. It also includes cloud saving support, so you’ll be able to play part of the the game on, for example, your work PC, then switch to your home Mac part way through and carry on right where you left off. All Valve’s future games will be getting simultaneous PC and Mac releases, starting with Portal 2. The Mac will get the same patching schedule as the PC, and Mac and PC players will share multiplayer games and lobbies. Valve describe their Steam partners as “very excited about adding support for the Mac” and say they expect “most developers and publishers” to take part. So, yes, now Steam itself is become the platform.

The first Mac Steam client will be the one currently in beta for the PC, and it’s due out in April.

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