Is the 360 worth it now?

I’ve never bought a 360, on the basis that all the interesting games come to PC eventually anyway. But I might have to rethink that attitude on the basis of Natal. It’s going to be many years before there’s a combination of hardware and software support that can deliver that kind of functionality on the PC. I’m not just talking about Milo (there’s no way Molyneux can deliver on what he appeared to show—however good Milo’s facial recognition is, he can still only have a limited range of responses). I’m thinking of the potential for 3D, and movement tracking in 3D worlds: using head tracking to peer round corners, that sort of thing. I’m not at all surprised to see from Johnny Chung Lee’s Procrastineering blog that this is what he’s been working on at Microsoft. From the brief description he gives of the sensors it’ll easily do more than the amazing Wiimote demos he posted in the past, so it’s pretty exciting seeing it come to reality.

I’ve not watched the Sony show yet. The live stream was too choppy to make out, so I’m waiting for someone to post it. It’ll have to be pretty spectacular to top this.

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