Filling in the gaps – part one

I needed to scan my visas, so while I was borrowing my friend’s scanner I took the opportunity to do something I’d been meaning to do for a while – scan some of the harder to find cover artwork that’s been missing from my iTunes library. I figure there must be others out there who have these CDs but are missing digital copies of the cover art, so I’m sharing them here for your benefit. That has to be fair use, right? This’ll be part one of a continuing series, but it’ll be a while before there’s another one. I’ve started with some stars of Greenbelts past: four albums each by Coastal Dune and Why? They’re not terribly good scans, and the sleaves themselves have suffered some wear and tear, but they’re better than nothing. The Till We’re Old cover isn’t square, so I’ve saved it as a PNG. Transparency appears to work in coverflow within iTunes, but not in coverflow on the iPhone. If you have better versions of any of these, leave a note in the comments.

Coastal Dune:If and WhenCoastal Dune:Till We’re OldCoastal Dune:BluegreenCoastal Dune:SurviveWhy?:Rachel Says Boo!Why?:GiggleWhy?:Look BackWhy?:Happy

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