Besides not having written an proper updates for ages, while I was out of the country I also slipped somewhat behind with the side column showing what I’ve been reading. I don’t imagine that you’re all that bothered, but I feel that I should catch up, and this is easier than writing the piece on Bosnia that I promised.

Along with James Thwaites’ Renegotiating the Church Contract, the first book I listed on my return, I also read Misha Glenny’s The Fall of Yugoslavia, C.S. Lewis’ Prince Caspian and of course the inevitable. I’m feeling somewhat inspired by C.S. Lewis just at the moment. I’d fallen away from my plan to reread the Narnia books, but spurred on by anticipation of the upcoming movie, I can tell you that Prince Caspian is in no way done justice by the old BBC adaptation. I’ve just started on The Screwtape Letters, which I’ve also read before, and Lewis’s talent for insightful summaries of complex issues is breathtaking. I don’t remember it being this good before…

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