It seems like a scam and looks like a scam says Newsnight of They’re right. It does. But they then go on to say that, surprisingly, it’s not. As do Wired News, and a whole bunch of other news sites. The Newsnight story (dated last September) says they don’t operate in the UK, but looking at their web site, they apparently started about a month ago. So I figured that it had to be worth a try. If you think so too, then I very much recommend reading the terms and conditions thoroughly, as there’s certainly some stuff in there that would have caught me out had I not. Once you’ve done that, I’d be appreciative if you could enter by way of my link, so I get credit toward that pink iPod mini I’ve been wanting…

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  1. Hmm, most of the offers you need to complete take you to sites which our proxy bans for including spyware. That plus look at the spam gets. Something tells me that it would be a really stupid idea to go for this

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