A few weeks ago I decided to revisit the copy of Escape from Monkey Island that I’d had lying around for years. I finally finished it (for the first time), but I was a little disappointed—it didn’t quite do justice to the earlier games. I started looking around for what was going on in the adventure game genre today. The answer appears to be not much, but I did come across a game called The Longest Jouney, which sounds very interesting. I’ve not managed to find it on sale anywhere yet, but I thought this comment on developer Ragnar Tornquist’s blog was worth reposting. I can relate.

The web devours voraciously. Especially time. It eats time. Every day, millions of hours, consumed and stored inside its bloated maggot stomach. Some day the web-maggot will spew all those lifetimes, those endless oceans of time, out through its infinitely expanding anus, creating a wave that will wash across the universe like a Biblical flood, reverting everything to absolute zero, the beginning, the end…

Or maybe I just ought to spend less time online. It begins with honest research and it ends, bleary-eyed, with www.screenhead.com. At least TV was an honest time-eater. You plonked yourself down on the couch, you didn’t pretend you’d be working. I sit down with my coffee in the morning, boot up my PowerBook and Word, and five minutes later I’m neck deep in Ain’t-It-Cool-News getting annoyed with Talkbackers and trying to remember why there’s an empty Word document running in the background.

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