At the SPEAK Flower Model event back in April I volunteered to co-ordinate a Network Prayer E-mail that would go to strategic people in the network every week. I’ve finally managed to get my act together enough to send something out, but it’s now July—not the best time for student groups. The plan is to run on a test basis until September, and then go for a full launch, sending this to SPEAK groups up and down the country. Anyway, here are this week’s prayer points:

  1. Vocal Training, September 3rd-7th, that it will be a key time of inspiration and information for the network.
  2. Summer Festivals, for the stalls telling people about SPEAK.
  3. SPEAK has just been asked to run a prayer walk and repentance service as part of Soul Survivor’s London Soul in the City event. It’ll be running 7-9pm in on 27th July and 3rd August with up to 1,000 young people.
    • Thank and Praise God for this amazing opportunity for SPEAK to have a huge impact upon the next generation.
    • Pray that the young people would hear and be able to discern what God thinks and feels about the injustices caused by the arms trade, debt and world trade; that they would be stirred to act.
    • Pray for the logistics of the event: For a good relationship with the police who need to be contacted about having a service in Trafalgar square and that Trafalgar Square would be available to use for the service; for the timing of the whole event, moving 1000 people around 3 prayer stations; that many people will volunteer to help steward; that a sound system and globes will be provided; that we will find a photographer to photograph the repentance service to hand to a government leader.
    • Pray for strength and peace for all those working on this event, as time is short.

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