Gossypium.co.uk have updated their range. I got a new catalogue in the post yesterday. It’s a huge improvement over the old one, and there’s a hoody that I’m really quite tempted by. There still don’t seem to seem to be such things as ethical socks or trousers, and their web site still makes the number one mistake of web design, but it’s a good start.

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  1. I just wanted to say that your music rock!! and that I love it! lol I’m 4 real… I have been blessed by listening to ya’ll thanks 4 sharing the gospel keep on rocking and keep the light on. by the way I love your blog 2 ^_~

    <3 ~Jeysa~

  2. Hmm… I guess the disadvantage to allowing anonymous comments on this system is that I have no way of ensuring my ability to respond to every comment.
    If you are back to see this, then I’m sorry to say that I am not Delirious?, nor am I, or have I ever been in anyway connected to Delirious?. I’m just a fan who had to much time on his hands, and doesn’t anymore, hence the FAQ being somewhat out of date. For Delirious stuff these days Dave Wood has a very good site, and the official site is always worth a visit.
    Thanks for the comments on the blog though!

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