For about a year now I’ve been helping out at an event called Real Hope at Sunbridge Road Mission. Every week there’s a free meal put on for all those that need it, with the ability to provide clothes, shoes, bedding and other necessitates when required. And every week a speaker come in and preaches, sings or gives a testimony. I’ve heard some incredible speakers over time, and the relationships the Real Hope staff have built up are amazing, but tonight really beat them all. At the end of his talk the speaker asked who wanted to turn their lives around by making a commitment to Christ, and between six and nine people (everyone seemed to count a different number) put their hands up.

It’d be really cool if anyone can spare some time to pray for these people—particularly one girl who I gave a Bible to and who was planning to check into a rehab tomorrow. Pray they will all overcome their various addictions and problems, and that they will get the discipleship they’re going to need. And pray that this girl (obviously can’t mention names online) will call the rehab and have no problems in getting there, and that she will read the Bible with God’s guidance.

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