A few quick links:

  1. The lent blog of Andii Bowsher—he’s been publicising it with messages to the bucu mailing list, which I’m sure is cheating. It could be called spam, or it could just be part of being a chaplain to the students. I’m not sure.
  2. Neil Turner, who worked out who I am the other day. He’s, like, a proper blogger. I feel privileged.
  3. Something about pink ear muffs, by Nina Carter-Brown. I’m not sure I really understand.

I’m off to Soundcheck very shortly. This is good, partly because it always is, and partly because it means I can’t post anything I shouldn’t about elections for at least four more days. If you can get to London on Monday, do come on the Day of Action against the arms trade. The SPEAK web site has all the details.

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