For a couple of days a few weeks ago (some time in late January) I was considering re-naming this blog twenty-something single Christian. I drafted a post expressing something of what I was feeling at the time. It was never published, partly because I re-read it and was horrified by my bitter, self-indulgent whinging, and partly because it was really badly written. Now though, it seems that yet more of my friends could soon be pairing off, and the temptation to break from what I wrote before Christmas is ever greater.

It’s hard to keep your heart in the right place when it seems everyone you know is encouraging you to put it elsewhere. Apparently if I don’t I’ll always be thinking what if? It’s probably true—they weren’t far off last time. In the perfect world of my dreams, however, my ideal woman is the one with whom I have a joint calling. And I’d rather think what if? in one year than what if I’d stuck with that calling to Bradford? in ten.

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