I’m trying to fill in an application form for a programme called Transform:City. It describes itself as equipping God’s people in transforming Bradford and Leeds. The information pack that I’ve been given talks about equipping trainees to fulfil their part in God’s plans, obviously with a specifically Bradford and Leeds focus. Given the vision God has given me for Bradford, and given how unprepared I often feel for that, it seems pretty much an ideal way of spending next year. It’s also run and supported by a bunch people for whom I have a very great deal of respect. I know I need to step out in faith and start living the life, but this seems the kind of guidance on setting out that I’ve spend the last two years looking for. The verse I posted on January 25th is particularly relevant.

First of all, though, I need to get through this form. I’d expected something quite simple. My details, and maybe a couple of questions on why I wanted to do it. Instead, there are a whole stack of questions like what do you think God might be calling you to in the long term?, describe your relationship with God at the moment and please mark any level of involvement in alcohol, drugs, pornography, homosexual and heterosexual activity or the occult. I want to be honest, but I think it’s going to take a few drafts before I dare put a pen near the actual form.

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