It’s dark. It’s wet. It’s windy. Everyone else’s gone home, the Union bars are all closed, and someone’s beating out a blues from the basement of the pub on the corner.

God is great. I was contemplating going back to my iTunes playlist from the other week, but instead I’m listening to the first disc of Access:d (I don’t have World Service yet). There is now a venue for the Bradford-wide week of 24-7 Prayer. It’ll be at the North Wing Building off Otley Road. I don’t know it, but apparently it has a fantastic view—perfect for praying over the city. I’m going to take a look on Tuesday. There will be continuous prayer from 11pm on the 31st until midnight on the 7th. The plan is to set up on the 29th. I don’t know yet whether I’ll be back in Bradford that early, but I’ll most likely be here for the start. It’s going to be incredible.

P.S. That was an example of a blues track, not what they were actually playing

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