I’ve gone far too long without posting again, and there are too many things I could write about. I could write about the SPEAK Northern Forum, like I promised nearly two weeks ago. I could write about the NUS Stop Fees Now campaign which, in the run up to Sunday’s demo, has been quite a feature of work these last few days. I could write about what I found in the Bradford regeneration exhibition or I could write about the progress that’s being made with the city-wide 24-7 prayer week. As it is, I don’t really have time to write much at all, but I’ll just say that I think this is a really exciting time for this city. We’re going to go prayer walking in the city centre at an unearthly hour of Friday morning, asking God to show us a venue for the prayer week in January. It’s amazing to see the way His Spirit is at work here in just the smallest of ways. Together those small things make the most incredible difference, and I just pray we’ll continue to see them in still greater numbers.

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