I’d not realised it’d been quite this long since I updated. Today marked the end of week two, so welcome week is fast becoming a distant memory. Thinking back now it’s hard to pick out the highlights, though I guess for me personally the moment I returned a large bag to a student who’d lost it several hours earlier would rank pretty highly. Probably unusually for someone in my job, freshers’ week was not by any means the reason I stood for election, and it seemed so strange after the whole summer to suddenly have a campus full of students again. Moments like that however, just make you remember why we do it. There were many things that didn’t run as smoothly as they might have, and much that could be learnt from the experience, so I’m trying to find the time to write it all down while it’s still fresh in my mind. I was hoping that time would stop moving so fast about now, but it hasn’t really.

I must just mention the redesign at lordrich.com. It’s table free, so many congrats to Richard for that, he just needs a doctype and it’d be perfect. Chris is nearly ready to go table free on his Kings Hockey site as well, I thought he’d launched it already, but it seems not. As I mentioned in my last post, all that time ago, at some time I will get round to designing this site.

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