I downloaded all the files for the British System 7.5.3 (you seem to only be only able to get 7.5.5 as an upgrade) and copied them all over to the Classic on Mac formatted floppies, but they all just came up as documents. The Mac just kept telling me it couldn’t find the application that created them. So I found an old PC version of Stuffit, uncompressed them with that and copied them all over again, but got the same error. That all took a very long time, as the Classic’s floppy drive is extremely slow. I’ve managed download the system 7.5 network access boot disk and get that working (though it’s slow), so I’m thinking I might just have to get the hardware and download the OS from the Classic itself.

24-7 Prayer are asking for lots of prayer for the media coverage they’ll be getting as a result of this week’s documentary about the Ibiza missions. Check it out, and be sure to watch the program; 20:15, Saturday, Channel 4. Apparently several of this weekend’s Sunday papers chose it as their pick of the day.

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