I’m back in Sevenoaks, and this really will be the last update before Glastonbury. Last night I got to meet a few friends for a pint in The Farmers before moving on to Tonbridge. We went to a small pub, which was friendly and sold good beer, but then we left and went to Wetherspoon’s where the staff are rude and the chances of a lock in are much lower. Walking back through Tonbridge park Richard got scared and refused to walk down a path, saying he’d heard tales of drug abuse and other unpleasant things that went on in the area. Now to me this sounds unlikely, but a good way to see the needy side of my home, which I normally ignore to an even greater extent than that in Bradford. We did see a group of youths with a light, but as Declan pointed out that is not in itself a reason to be scared, and certainly shouldn’t discourage others from enjoying public parks and footpaths.

This afternoon Sam and I went to check out what actually lay down the path. We found a few abandoned concrete bunkers, full of litter and covered in graffiti; signs of a couple of small fires; open fields and a network of pleasant riverside paths. The paths bought us back into town on the other side of the park, and by the time we’d walked for about an hour we’d found signs of nothing more sinister than under-age drinking. We’d also managed to thoroughly exhaust Sam’s dog.

On a totally different note, I see that A List Apart is up and running again. They’ve not yet covered anything of more than a passing interest to me, but at least they’re back.

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