This is quite amusing. It does really well, right up until the end, when the closing line causes it to fall into the “another cheesy Christian ad” category. I’m moderately impressed with their site though, it seems surprisingly genuine for something like this. I’m somewhat inclined to agree with the posts saying they shouldn’t post hate mail from other Christians though. It brings them rather close to the kind of territory normally occupied by the likes of capalert and Corrupt Christian Music.

I saw Donnie Darko last night. It’s very good, and I highly recommend it. I’m not entirely sold on its theology, but I think it’s pretty much agnostic so I’ll let it pass. Richard Kelly seems to say in the DVD commentaries that it’s got no hidden meaning, but I don’t believe him. If I’d just spent so much effort making a film as mysterious as Donnie Darko I wouldn’t be just telling everyone what it meant. To me it seems to be an interesting exploration of the themes of predestination, but my housemates disagree.

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