Things I’m Missing

When not on the road, seeing amazing sights, meeting wonderful people or wondering how to teach English, I’ve been chomping at the bit to play some video games. According to the Steam web site there’s a licensed member of the Valve Cyber Café program in Dehradun, but I didn’t get the opportunity to find it. There are no members at all listed in the whole of Himachal Pradesh, so instead I’ve consoled myself watching trailers and episodes of Zero Punctuation in any café with a decent connection and a headphone socket. Unsurprisingly, I suppose, this only makes matters worse. Especially when I find the time to watch half an hour of Game Damage. It’s entertaining enough, but I’m not exactly sure what they think sets them apart from every other gaming TV show that’s been tried before—other than having one presenter who’s already more popular than Dominik Diamond and Violet Berlin combined. There’s only so many times Yahtzee is going to be able to have the final say on the death of point and click adventure games. Which, incidentally, he’s wrong about. The only genuinely good 3D point and click adventure was The Longest Journey (a bargain on Steam). Grim Fandango wasn’t point and click and, pedantically speaking, neither of them were “full 3D”, making use as they did of pre-rendered backdrops. I do want to play A Vampyre Story though, irrespective of what the reviews look like.

Sorry if you were hoping for enlightening travel insights in this post.

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